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Do you have leaks?

Protect your slab with leak detection

Protect your home from serious water damage with

leak detection

Leaks in your slab can be difficult to detect at first, and by the time they have become apparent, you may be dealing with a very serious situation. These leaks can lead to foundation damage, mold and mildew, and other problems for your home. Electronic leak detection allows you to detect the problems before they escalate.

Detect the leak without the damage

Trust in advanced detection methods

If you have noticed damp spots on your carpet, damp walls, or other indications of a slab leak, you might worry that finding the leak could be as damaging as the leak itself. Rest assured that electronic leak detection eliminates the need to break up your slab in order to find the leak. This technique accurately pinpoints the location of the leak so it can be remedied quickly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of repairs that required outdated excavation to identify the pipes and replacement of the slab after repairs.

• Rarefaction wave correlation

• Vibration analysis

• Trace gas induction and detection



If you are concerned about a leak in your underground plumbing, let our team of certified plumbers handle the repairs for a protected foundation and comfortable home. You are protected by our fully licensed and bonded team.

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